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As seen in TechCrunch

Blake Commagere, who’s probably best known for building early, popular Facebook apps like Zombies and Vampires (hey, remember those?), has started a new company called MediaSpike to tackle one of the big problems he faced as a developer: Integrating sponsored product placements into the games.



Social gaming firms like Zynga are overly dependent on sales of virtual goods. To fix that problem, Blake Commagere, a pioneer of early social games such as Vampires, has created a way for game companies to easily insert product placements into the environment of their games, much the way that filmmakers do with strategically placed cans of Coca-Cola in movies or TV shows.


Inside Social Games

MediaSpike is geared towards letting developers and advertisers work together to put product brands into social and mobile games with a minimal amount of fuss. The way the system works is developers can apply two-dimensional images with product advertisements to parts of their game. The company was founded by Blake Commagere, who’s had some extensive background in viral marketing.


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