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Built For Advertisers


Superior Advertising

Only MediaSpike delivers native and contextual placements that tap the positive emotions of the core user experience. Learn More.

Easy and Scalable

Easy and Scalable via Technology

MediaSpike has the only platform that can dynamically deliver media and virtual goods into the actual user experience.

Reach Consumers

Reach over 200 Million Consumers

MediaSpike delivers reach into otherwise inaccesible super-premium inventory in the hottest mobile games and apps.


Targeting Taken to the Next Level

Our advanced targeting capabilities go beyond demographics to include targeting by carrier, language and location.


Universal Pictures

Built For Publishers

Monetization That Rocks

Monetization that Rocks

A high-quality, incremental revenue stream that actually enhances the user experience. Learn More.

Truly Native

Truly Native to your App

Everyone wins when brands are integrated in a way that puts the user experience first.

Awesome Tech

Powered by Awesome Tech

A small, one-time effort to integrate and you're ready for dynamic brand integrations.

Stay Focused

Stay Focused on your Apps

While we land and manage Fortune 500 brand deals - and write you checks.